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"Quite Challenging ......... but well worth the effort!"

Message recieved from Clint Robertson

I want to thank those responsible for the United Homer Club web site for taking the time and making the effort to make so much valuable information available. I have had a love for exhibition homers since I was a boy but it has only been 7 years since I actually began breeding these amazing birds. I was able to get started with my foundation stock from Jim Brown in the US who passed on the nucleus of his small family to me. I have since added birds from both Mark Rudd and Dave Bramley. It was challenging to go through the process to import to Canada but well worth the effort. The birds these gentlemen provided sight unseen where of superb quality. I cannot say enough about these two men. Mark Rudd, Dave Bramley and Jim Brown exemplify class and integrity and are gentlemen in every sense of the word and this has only added to my commitment to and love of the breed. I would also be remiss not to thank Drew Lobenstein for his insight and the sharing of invaluable information he has acquired from 50 years of breeding these birds. Also to John Heppner for his hands on, one on one, teaching sessions explaining some of the fine details of the breed. It truly has been a wonderful experience with the people I have come to know the best part of it all!

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